Mindful Moments #2 One Point of Focus – Southampton City Art Gallery

Mindful Moments #2 One Point of Focus

28 Feb 2021

Mindfulness has a strong association with meditative benefits, however we can employ mindfulness in a host of situations beyond simply trying to feel happier and calmer. It can help us to understand feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, grief, resentment, envy, fear, anxiety, excitement and joy.

Our second Mindfulness exercise, One Point of Focus, could be useful for people who find it difficult to focus on one thing. It is also useful for those who become overwhelmed by big tasks, when noticing that each artwork is composed of many small actions or layers.

One Point of Focus uses details within artworks to practice attentiveness and focus, by choosing a small point to concentrate on. By narrowing our focus, we experience increasing layers of detail within an artwork, which often evokes a different type of appreciation. 

Listen to Exercise 2: One Point of Focus here

Read Exercise 2: One Point of Focus here

Explore the City Art Gallery’s collection and discover artworks to add to the exercises. Maybe you have an artwork, object or even a view from a window at home you could use to explore mindfulness.

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