Mindful Moments #3 Observant vs Immersive – Southampton City Art Gallery

Mindful Moments #3 Observant vs Immersive

5 Mar 2021

This weeks Mindful Moment exercise is titled ‘Observant vs Immersive.’ 

In this exercise we look at the same artwork twice, from two opposing perspectives, to explore the differences in how we feel and what we experience depending on where we’re standing. 

This exercise is useful when looking to switch perspective to give us an indication of our current, preferred stance; it can help us to know when to take a step back and when to be hands on. It is also useful for people who are curious about their preferences for viewing art and in noticing new things within that art, as well as within themselves. 

Listen to Exercise 3: Observant vs Immersive here

Read Exercise 3: Obsrvant vs Immersive here

Explore the City Art Gallery’s collection and discover artworks to add to the exercises. Maybe you have an artwork, object or even a view from a window at home you could use to explore mindfulness.

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