Mindful Moments #4 Creating a Story

16 Mar 2021

Welcome to the fourth episode of Mindful Moments, in this exercise we look at a piece of artwork and create a story from it, to explore the effect of imagination on our state of mind. The artwork that we are drawn to can tell us about our desires, whilst our imagination might unearth hidden thoughts and feelings. 

Imagination itself is also very useful in relaxing the body and mind, with this exercise being particularly useful for people who always feel alert and stressed by their surroundings, to create some temporary retreat.

We’ve suggested two wonderful paintings from the City’s collection, Mydlow Village and Street Scene, Dieppe, to help you create your own Mindful Moment.

Listen to Exercise 4: Creating a Story here

Read Exercise 4: Creating a Story here

Robert Bevan (1865–1925) Mydlow Village, Poland, 1907. Oil on canvas. Image © Southampton Cultural Services.

Laura Sylvia Gosse (1881–1969) Street Scene, Dieppe. Oil oil canvas. © the Artists Estate. All rights reserved 2021/Bridgeman Images.

Explore the City Art Gallery’s collection and discover artworks to add to the exercises. Maybe you have an artwork, object or even a view from a window at home you could use to explore mindfulness.

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