Mindful Moments #5 Feeling the Mood

23 Mar 2021


In this exercise we look at a piece of artwork whilst inducing a meditative state, to explore feeling, mood and tone within art, observing the effect it has on us. 

Feeling the Mood can be particularly useful for people who find themselves wrapped up in details, who feel disconnected to their emotions or who rarely find moments to be peaceful. By focusing on our own breathing, we are less absorbed by the details in an artwork and instead allow its general feeling to come through. For many people, daily life involves lots of visual stimulation; by entering a calm state of mind we can notice the influence our surroundings are having on our mood.

Listen to Exercise 5: Feeling the Mood here

Read Exercise 5: Feeling the Mood here

We’ve suggested William Gear’s, Winter Landscape, from the City’s collection to accompany the exercise, but use what works best for you, art at home, sculpture or objects are also perfect to help create your own Mindful Moment.

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William Gear (1915-1997), Winter Landscape, 1960, oil on canvas. © the artist’s estate. Photo credit: Southampton Culture Services








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