April 2021 – Southampton City Art Gallery

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Creating a National Collection #3 Thomas Gainsborough, a Pair of Portraits

20 Apr 2021

Corinna Henderson, Curatorial Trainee partnered with Museums SheffieldWelcome to week three of the Creating a National Collection blog. My name’s Corinna and I’m a Curatorial Trainee at the National Gallery, partnered with Museums Sheffield. I’ll be taking a closer look at two portraits in the exhibition by one of England’s finest eighteenth-century portraitists, Thomas... Read More »

Creating a National Collection #2 – Researching the Relationship

14 Apr 2021

Hello! I’m Susanna Avery-Quash, the Senior Research Curator in the History of Collecting at the National Gallery. I look after pre-1900 objects in its ‘History Collection’ and am responsible for activities associated with its research strand, ‘Buying, Collecting and Display’. My research and publications focus on the study of important historical art collections, trends in artistic... Read More »

Mindful Moments #8 Adding a Dimension

13 Apr 2021

 Adding a Dimension observes the layers and mechanics behind an artwork, to explore the artist and to expand our own perspective. This exercise can be useful for people who feel like they cannot understand art, or for those who want a deeper understanding of how to create art themselves.By focusing on textures, shapes and materials, experiencing art becomes more immersive. We use... Read More »

Creating a National Collection #1 – Introducing Jemma

7 Apr 2021

My name is Jemma and I am a Curatorial Trainee for the National Gallery and Southampton City Art Gallery for 2019–21 as part of a scheme supported by Art Fund with the assistance of the Vivmar Foundation. Last week, it was wonderful to announce the exhibition ‘Creating a National Collection’ which is due to open on 28 May 2021 (subject to lifting of restrictions.)After moving to... Read More »

Mindful Moments #7 Handfulness

6 Apr 2021

Unless you are floating in space, our tactile sense is being constantly activated in life, as we are always in contact with something, whether walking, sitting, laying. We become so used to it, that it is easy to lose a subtler sensation of it, especially over everyday things we come in contact with. In this week’s Mindful Moment exercise ‘Handfulness’, we use our hands to explore... Read More »

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