Mindful Moments #8 Adding a Dimension

13 Apr 2021


Adding a Dimension observes the layers and mechanics behind an artwork, to explore the artist and to expand our own perspective. This exercise can be useful for people who feel like they cannot understand art, or for those who want a deeper understanding of how to create art themselves.

By focusing on textures, shapes and materials, experiencing art becomes more immersive. We use both the logical and creative sides of the brain, in trying to deduce how an artist created their work and in then imagining their state of mind as they were creating it. 

Listen to Exercise 8: Adding a Dimension here

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We’ve included two paintings by Nahem Shoa’s from the City’s collection, Gbenga Sitting on the Stairs and Desmond Haughton in Red Jumper, to accompany the exercise, but use what works best for you, art at home, sculpture or objects are also perfect to help create your own Mindful Moment.

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Nahem Shoa, Gebenga Sitting on the Stairs, 2002, Oil on Linen. Southampton City Art Gallery. © the artist. Image © Southampton Cultural Services

Nahem Shoa, Head of Desmond Haughton with Red Jumper, 1997, Oil on canvas. © the artist. Image © Southampton Cultural Services

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