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Borrow a Work of Art

Borrow a Work of Art
Southampton City Art Gallery is committed to the enhancement of public access to its collection. It
has an active national and international loans programme which is designed to achieve this

Making a formal request:
All formal loan requests should be made, in writing to the Curator of Art, giving a minimum of 6-
months’ notice prior to its requirement. The request letter should include the following information:

  • Details of the work(s) of art including the accession number
  • Exhibition dates, including any tour venues and their related dates
  • A summary of the exhibition and the rationale for including the work(s) of art
  • A completed UKRG facilities report, security supplement, display case supplement (if
  • Environmental charts for the exhibition period one year prior to the proposed dates
  • An indication of how you will insure the loan i.e. Government Indemnity or commercial
  • Contact details for the person administering the loan

Contact details:
Curator of Art
Southampton City Art Gallery
Civic Centre
SO14 7LP

Loan Agreement
All loans must comply with our standard Loan Agreement which outlines our requirements for the
safety and security of works of art; indemnity and insurance; packing, couriers and transportation;
environmental conditions, photography and reproduction and any additional costs.

If you would like to see a copy of our Standard Loan Agreement then please get in contact.

Loan Costs:

All borrowers will be asked to meet the following costs, if they are applicable to the loan request:

  • Insurance premiums (for commercial insurance or indemnity deductibles)
  • Any pre-loan preparation of the work(s), including conservation and framing (fitting of back
    boards and low-reflect glazing)
  • Case and/or T-frame hire or construction
  • Transport, shipping and related costs incurred in transporting the work(s) to and from the
    Gallery, including any transfers between venues
  • All courier travel, accommodation and subsistence costs (labour costs may have to be
    included in certain circumstances)
  • Costs already incurred by the Gallery in the preparation of the work(s) in the event of early
  • For all overseas loans, we charge an administrative loan fee of £300.00 per work per venue
    which will be invoiced to your UK agent on or before collection

Image credits:

Paul Delvaux, A Siren in Full Moonlight, Oil on panel, DACS; © Foundation P. Delvaux – St Idesbald, Belgium/DACS, London 2007;
Chris Ofili, Two Doo Voodoo, acrylic resin oil and elephant dung on canvas © Chris Ofili Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London / Venice;
Joseph Mallord William Turner, Fishermen upon a Lee Shore in Squally Weather, oil on canvas
Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Atlas Turned to Stone, gouache on paper

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