Kirk Wadmore- Strange Perspectives – Southampton City Art Gallery

Kirk James Wadmore (Cheeba Wolf) is a Southampton-based neurodivergent artist, who uses pyrography as a platform to question perspectives and remove the stigmas surrounding mental health.

Wall based works are influenced by geometry, graffiti and modern architecture. They also have underlying stories relevant to mental health struggles.

These themes centre around fears, phobias, injustice, corruption, conspiracies, confusions, the pressures felt living in a modern world while navigating everyday life, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxieties and depression, complex PTSD, borderline personality disorder and dissociative disorder.

By questioning the perspectives that don’t seem to fit in with the art, Kirk can use them to springboard conversations on mental health and try to change those initial perspectives and stigmas.

Some things are hard to see.

The more you look, the more you see.

For commissions and enquiries please email Kirk at:

Forest Silhouette

Polynesian walking stick

Hopes and Dreams

Confused in the City

Walking Sticks

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