A Lifetime of Loving Painting

Dot Adams

My mother told me she was never without pencil & paper even as a young child. Her formal education was interrupted by the 2nd World War. Evacuated to the Isle of Wight, her schooling was basic and didn’t include formal art classes but creativity was still encouraged. She started work aged 15 and was trained in architectural drawing, having a natural talent in that direction.

From my childhood I remember her always with pad & paints on camping holidays sitting on rocks oblivious to the incoming tide or on dangerous cliff edges.

In the late 60s & 70s, in keeping with the times, she attended some interesting progressive, experimental art classes taught by Jack Chick. He encouraged her in a more abstract approach and she held an exhibition of rather “avant garde” mixed media paintings using unusual techniques and subject matter. She found some of the comments of the public very amusing.

Later she joined various art groups and began selling more paintings, exhibiting with fellow artists at local events & country pubs. Finally she became a very active member of the Cobbett Road Library Art Group and campaigned passionately to keep it open.

We hope this exhibition will help this aim.
Helen Davies

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