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Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833-1898)

The Death of Medusa II

Realising what has happened, Medusa's two immortal sisters take to the air to find the killer. Aided by his helmet of invisibility Perseus slips away unseen, placing the head inside the Kibisis where it can do no harm. The drama of the scene is stressed by the movement of the three upper figures as they spring into the air. The face of the Gorgon on the left shows anguish while the central figure seems to reach out for the invisible attacker. At the bottom of the painting can be seen the grid lines used to scale up the cartoon from a smaller study.

Mediummixed media on paper
Dimensions1525mm x 1365mm
Acquisition NumberSOTAG : 104
Credit LinePurchased in 1934 through the Chipperfield Bequest Fund

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