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Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788)

George, Lord Vernon

After studying art in London Gainsborough launched his career in Suffolk. Moves to Bath and London helped him become a leading portrait painter to royalty and the aristocracy. While portraits gave him money and reputation Gainsborough once wrote he would rather 'paint landscapes and enjoy the fag end of life in quietness and ease'.

This portrait celebrates the more relaxed lifestyle of the country gentleman away from the cares of the city. Here Lord Vernon can dress informally and take in the beauty of nature while enjoying the company of his dog. The painting also shows Gainsborough's skill in capturing a natural likeness and portraying the fashionable dress of the times.

Medium oil on canvas
Date 1767
Dimensions 2463mm x 1500mm
Acquisition Number SOTAG : 1494
Credit Line Purchased in 1957 with the assistance of the National Art Collections Fund