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Virtual Tours for Children

Exploring Portraits:  A Virtual Tour


Exploring Landscape: A Virtual Tour


Exploring Sculpture: A Virtual Tour


Exploring The Perseus Story: A Virtual Tour


Exploring Aspects of Landscape: A Virtual Tour


Exploring for Inspiration: A Virtual Tour

Talks for Adults


Explore Art Conservation at Southampton City Art Gallery:

This series of films were recorded as part of a panel discussion, programmed to accompany the exhibition, Creating a National Collection, in partnership with the National Gallery.  With Dr Susanna Avery-Quash (Senior Research Curator, National Gallery) in conversation with: Tim Craven (ex-Curator); Rebecca Moisan (Conservator); Ambrose Scott-Moncrieff (ex-Conservation Officer); Rachel Billinge (Research Associate, National Gallery); Isabella Kocum (Frame Conservator, National Gallery); Britta New (Conservator, National Gallery).


Conserving Jacob Jordaen’s ‘The Holy Family’:

Conserving Cesare da Sesto’s ‘Saint Jerome as a Hermit in the Desert of Chalcis’:

Conserving Philips Koninck’s ‘An Extensive Landscape’

Conserving Allegretto Nuzi’s ‘The Coronation of the Virgin’:

Conserving Goswijn van der Weyden’s ‘Saint Catherine and the Philosphers :

Conserving Sofonisba Anguissola’s ‘The Artist’s Sister in the Garb of a Nun’:


Curators in Conversation:

A panel discussion exploring the rich history of Southampton City Art Gallery and the City’s art collection with Les Buckingham, Tim Craven, Liz Goodall, Gill Hedley and Clare Mitchell. Presented by Susanna Avery Quash and Jemma Craig


A Brief History of the Gallery with Jemma Craig


Gallery Shorts:

Explore artworks from our collection with members of the team.

Holman Hunt’s Afterglow in Egypt with Rebecca Moisan

David Bomberg’s Interior of the Armenian Church with Tom Laver

Click here for a list of sources and works referenced

Gillian Wearing’s Dancing in Peckham with Lucy Loader

Burne Jones’ The Perseus Series with Rebecca Moisan

John Salt’s A-OK Auto with Tim Craven

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