George Shaw: My Back to Nature – Southampton City Art Gallery

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George Shaw: My Back to Nature


This exhibition features over 50 paintings and drawings made by the artist George Shaw during his two year residency at the National Gallery. With unrestricted access to the gallery and its collection Shaw was inspired to create new works that offer a contemporary response to the mythological landscapes painted by masters such as Titian, Poussin and Constable.

Shaw is interested in how the stories in these paintings – often featuring violence, illicit sex and drunkenness – have parallels in the way that people might behave in the woods today, when they think they are unobserved. This is complemented by Shaw’s interest in Christian imagery, especially how landscape artists of the past often alluded to the Crucifixion in their depiction of trees. Shown alongside the works by Shaw will be two paintings from the National Gallery’s Collection which served as inspiration during the residency.

Image Credit: The Rude Screen, 2015-16, Enamel on canvas © Private Collection, Belgium, Courtesy Maruani Mercier Gallery

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