John Hitchens – Gallery 2 – Southampton City Art Gallery


Aspects of Landscape

‘Land Quest’ and Related Works


The decade after 1990 saw fundamental changes in Hitchens’ work and in his approach to the subject of landscape.

He dispensed with many features of his earlier work and turned his attention to exploring landscape through its essential elements, such as stones, sand or wood. Structures were reduced to the basic forms of line and circle. The device of outlining an area repeatedly with parallel lines draws both on contour lines and tree growth rings and the more transient patterns created by the plough.

Image © Joe Low Photography

Image © Joe Low Photography

Image © Joe Low Photography

An innovation of this time saw Hitchens depart from the use of conventional square-cornered canvases. These paintings reveal the influence of other, three-dimensional art forms, such as land art and sculpture. The selection of works in this gallery includes examples of distinctive, irregularly shaped and layered canvases.
Field Interweave, 2009 © The Artist

Harvest Land Forms, 2009, © The Artist

Opening Links, 2000, © The Artist

Wind over fields, 2017, © The Artist

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