OPEN – JOURNEY – Helen Clifford – Southampton City Art Gallery

Helen Clifford

Finding the Way (Consulting the I Ching)

Coloured pencil on paper

The I Ching is an ancient text which has been used for 3,000 years as an oracle and divinatory tool. While meditating on a specific issue or problem, the questioner repeats a series of actions which allow ‘chance’ to generate a figure of six open or closed lines – one of the 64 Figures of the oracle. The symbol is a key to the text which is interpreted with regard to the situation at hand, revealing the seen and unseen forces at play.

Using the I Ching provides advice and guidance at all steps on the journey through life, enabling the traveller to work positively with patterns of change and growth to follow a Way of harmony and balance.

Helen Clifford Art 

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