OPEN – JOURNEY – Yuet Yean Teo 01 – Southampton City Art Gallery

Yuet Yean Teo

The Journey to the Mount Fuji – Never ask for a lighter rain; instead ask for a better umbrella

Mokuhanga – Watercolour woodblock print on Washi Paper

This piece of traditional Japanese water-based woodblock print created during an artist in residency in Kawaguchiko Japan, just located at the foot of Mount Fuji. On the second day of my residency, I was excited by the story of the neighbour, a local farmer. He told me that he walks to the foot of Mount Fuji daily as his morning exercise, it takes 45 minutes only. The story intrigued me, therefore I packed my lunch the next day and started my journey to Mount Fuji. After one hour walking, not there yet. And two hours, three hours, four hours …then six hours the Mount Fuji not even getting any bigger, and the sudden storm and pouring rain, I just have to run home.

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