OPEN – MAYFLOWER – Jenny Trotman – Southampton City Art Gallery

Jenny Trotman

It might as well be a journey to the Moon


‘All that way in that tiny boat! We might as well be going to the Moon’. My painting montage shows Pilgrims ready to go to the New World, a land far-off. They are ordinary, in ordinary clothes with ordinary possessions. Some seem keen, others are apprehensive. They are escaping persecution but at the far shore they will have to start a new life from scratch. I show a simplified map of their destination, ‘framing’ the ‘Mayflower’ on its way. Such a long journey but no thoughts of returning. 349 years later, men really did plan a journey to the Moon. My painting shows confident, well-equipped men ready to go. Their rocket leaves too. They went, and came back, and behind them all the Moon looms large against the sky.

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