OPEN – MAYFLOWER – Kay Brown 02 – Southampton City Art Gallery

Kay Brown

Downwind off Cape Cod

Two plate woodcut

It is November 10th 1620; having faced treacherous seas off the Monomoy Shoals and strong winds in a valiant attempt to reach northern Virginia, the Mayflower’s Captain reluctantly ordered her sails to be freed and to return downwind to seek the shelter of Cape Cod Harbour. On deck a small group gather, hearts filled with the mixed emotions of trepidation and excitement of what lies before them.

This woodcut print has been created for a transatlantic collaboration between Cowprint artists group, Southampton, and Inky Hands Studio, Plymouth, Massachusetts, to commemorate the Mayflower’s epic voyage. Prints and an artist’s book of prints from each workshop, will be held at God’s House Tower this autumn.

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