OPEN – PRIZES AND COMMENDATIONS – Geoff Catlow 02 – Southampton City Art Gallery

JUDGE’S PICK: Robert Peters

Geoff Catlow

Steppingstones 2020

Graphite on paper

A spontaneous, reaction, to paper, medium and images, which are in my head and how they happen to emerge, in relation to other drawings completed during May, June and July 2020. As this collection of drawings develops it becomes clear to me that the act of walking near the sea over the decades I have lived in Southsea, have left me with images floating in my head which I reach for during the progress of this work.

“This drawing evokes powerful emotion in me in terms of right now these are the stones that lead from one side to the other side. Interestingly drawn during the pandemic. I also worked during the pandemic creating images of a Giant named Maushop in Wampanoag culture. He was a protector, provider and laid stepping stones in the water to keep people together. I believe Maushop was the Glacier that formed Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bay. In Geologic terms England and the English Channel were formed by the same Glacier.”

Robert Peters – 2020 Open Exhibition Judge

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