OPEN – PRIZES AND COMMENDATIONS – Hannah Fitzpatrick – Southampton City Art Gallery

JUDGE’S PICK: Clare Mitchell

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Mayflower Stamps

Lino Print on Tissue Paper

A linocut inspired by a collection of old stamps featuring the Mayflower ship. Not only representing the ship herself but also the journey that many have taken to find that ‘New World’. I particularly wanted to use the image of a stamp in this print, an image we instantly link to travel, voyage and connection.

Judge’s Comment

“A very imaginative response to the exhibition theme. When we see a decorative stamp, we immediately wonder who could have sent it and from where in the world. Mayflower Stamps is a unique interpretation, not only depicting the sailing of The Mayflower and those aboard her but also gives the essence of personal travel and adventure.”

Clare Mitchell – 2020 Open Exhibition Judge

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