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Gilbert & George (b.1943, b. 1942)


Gilbert & George began creating art together when they met at St Martins School of Art in 1967. They became figures in their own artworks, calling themselves 'living sculpture'. From their early black and white photo-pieces their work evolved into large scale pictures made up of multiple photographs sometimes brightly coloured in a way which echoes stained glass.

Gilbert George's work has often been controversial, dealing with subjects such as sexuality, racism, religion and mental illness and can be underpinned by a sense of anger and aggression. Four Knights is part of the Modern Fears series (1980-81). Its meaning is ambiguous, perhaps contrasting the alienation of modern youth with the heroes of medieval chivalry, but the reason for Gilbert & George's interest is unclear, should these young men be admired or feared?

Dimensions605 mm x 505mm
Acquisition NumberSOTAG : 1981/17
Credit LinePurchased in 1981 with the assistance of the Victoria and Albert Purchase Grant Fund