Courtesy of the Estate of Ian Hamilton Finlay. Copyright reserved.

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Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006)

Prinz Eugen: Homage to Gomringer

Finlay studied briefly at the Glasgow School of Art before joining the army in 1942. After the war he worked as a shepherd, later making his name as a poet. He is associated with 'concrete poetry' where the shape and lettering of the poem is as important as the meaning. Finlay's most celebrated creation is Little Sparta, a sculpture garden near Edinburgh containing over 270 of his artworks.

In 1961 Finlay founded the Wild Hawthorn Press and began producing a series of prints, cards and books combining typography, imagery and humour. Prinz Eugen was created in collaboration with the typographer and book designer Ron Costley. Military hardware and the Second World War are recurring subjects in Finlay's work. This screen print is a play on words, referring to the German battleship and the 'father of concrete poetry' Eugen Gomringer.

Medium printing ink on paper
Dimensions 308mm x 507mm
Acquisition Number SOTAG : 2005/15
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