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Lisa Traxler

Time Traveller – Voyager 

Laser cut acrylic

The exhibition title; ‘In Search of A New World’ led me to reference a painting in the Southampton City Art Gallery collection: ‘The Approach to the New World’ by marine artist Norman Wilkinson.
This atmospheric painting depicts new beginnings, voyages to unknown lands. The artist is one I am familiar with as my work explores fractured landscapes through Wilkinson’s dazzle camouflage of the Great War. This form of livery was painted on the sides of sea going vessels. 

My response is ‘Time Traveller – Voyage’ a slotted sculpture. Its form eludes to a vehicle of travel, referencing a ship’s silhouette perhaps? Its fractured surface of disrupted geometric apertures, encrypted communication reflecting an analogy of a fractured society.

Lisa Traxler

Judges Comments:

The engagement to the brief and connection to Southampton City Art Gallery’s collection makes this a standout work. The sculpture itself is dynamic and has a strong and commanding presence.

The way the shapes interlock makes me feel that my thoughts can rush through and return multiplied having gone on their own exciting voyage!’

This prize has been generously supported by Kuti’s Brasserie, Southampton

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