OPEN – SEA – Tom Marshall – Southampton City Art Gallery

Tom Marshall

7 Children and the Sea

Reductive Woodcut

The image is from 2 drawings I made on the beach of children playing by the waves. I made 20 prints from a piece of driftwood, but used different colours in each one. Some are in reds, some blues, etc. Some, I have printed 2 colours and considered complete, and others have more than 10 and are still being added to. This has around 6 colours, but I lose count! I treat each print as an individual painting (like brothers and sisters) all bearing the family likeness, but each one with its own character. Printed by rubbing the back of the paper with a wooden tool. I used both thin and thick layers of ink, and both matt water-based, and glossier linseed-oil-based inks. 

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